2019 ANZ Fiji500

Cycling to supply Fijian children with oxygen

No child should die from lack of oxygen

Cure Kids Fiji and ANZ are excited to announce the 2019 ANZ Fiji500.

Now in it’s third year and stronger than ever, cyclists from Australia, New Zealand and Fiji will cycle 500km around Viti Levu to raise funds for the Cure Kids Fiji Oxygen Project, which provides life-saving treatment in health centers and hospitals around Fiji.

When: 25-29 July 2019
Where: Fiji

Our goal

500kms, 30 riders, 3 oxygen machines.

Can you help us make it?

Find out how you can help or join the team! Contact Jennifer on [email protected]

Why are we doing this?

Oxygen is a lifesaving treatment for many severe illnesses in children, many of which are leading causes of death in Fiji.

Currently Fiji’s gas cylinders come from NZ, which is a very expensive exercise and results in the rationing of much needed oxygen. The solar powered oxygen delivery systems we are fundraising to install throughout hospitals and health centers in Fiji are designed to take the ambient air, filter out the nitrogen and deliver 98% pure oxygen.

Once installed, the oxygen delivery systems cost next to nothing to run, and provide almost unlimited oxygen supply. We currently have three systems installed and successfully operating at key centers throughout Fiji, and more soon to be installed.

This year’s ANZ Fiji500 aims to raise enough funds to purchase three more units and is living proof that great challenges bring even greater rewards.

Find out more about the Fiji Oxygen Project here.

DONATE to the Fijian Oxygen Project here.