Life-saving oxygen upgrade for Savusavu Sub-divisional Hospital

Cure Kids Fiji and the Australian Government have partnered with the Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS) to take a step forward in improving health services in Fiji by providing a never-ending supply of oxygen to patients at Savusavu Sub-divisional hospital.

Five state of the art oxygen concentrator units have been installed at the 56-bed Savusavu hospital which will help combat many sicknesses in children including severe pneumonia and newborn illnesses, which are still among the leading causes of ill-health and death amongst infants and toddlers in Fiji.

The Cure Kids Fiji’s Oxygen Project team is lead by Dr Eric Rafai of MHMS and Dr Stephen Howie from the University of Auckland. This team looks after the installation of equipment and training for hospital staff. Cure Kids Fiji also provided 50 percent of the funding for this project, possible only through the generous support of donors including ANZ Bank, AccorHotels, Armacup and Rotary.

Dr Stephen Howie joined Mr John Feakes, Australia’s High Commissioner to Fiji, at the Savusavu Sub-divisional hospital on Monday 08th April 2019 to officially hand over the newly installed oxygen concentrators to the Minister of Health and Medical Services, Hon. Dr Ifereimi Waqainabete.

Dr Howie said, “It is exciting to be working with the MHMS, Cure Kids Fiji, and the Australian Government to ensure that Savusavu Sub-divisional Hospital has a reliable, life-saving oxygen supply. No child or adult should die from lack of oxygen and we aim to reach this goal for the whole of Fiji.”

In cases of severe pneumonia, oxygen treatment has been shown to improve survival by 35 percent and is also an important treatment for many illnesses in adults.

Mr Feakes said, ““This is a great innovative example of Australia’s ongoing support to Fiji’s health sector. We have been committed to supporting Fiji’s vision to have a healthy population for many decades and will continue to do this through our ongoing close relationship with the Ministry. We also thank Cure Kids Fiji for joining us in this initiative.”

“We recognise the important role that the Ministry plays in supporting hospitals all over Fiji to be well equipped with resources. I also commend Savusavu Sub-divisional hospital who have the responsibility of looking after these newly installed oxygen concentrators. Following installation, they now have the critical task of ensuring that all patients, irrespective of background, age or medical condition, have access to oxygen.”

The Minister for Health & Medical Services, Dr Ifereimi Waqainabete, expressed his gratitude to the Australian Government and Cure Kids Fiji for a well thought initiative to enhance health services at Savusavu hospital.

“I thank the Australia Government and Cure Kids Fiji for the splendid achievement in ensuring the consistent flow of oxygen at the health facility which will benefit all Fijians of Savusavu and Cakaudrove,” he said.

Savusavu Sub-divisional Hospital now has a dependable supply of oxygen which ensures that those needing oxygen, get it.


For more information, please contact:

Ms. Jennifer Miller, Partnerships Manager, Cure Kids Fiji, [email protected], OR

Ms. Zubnah Khan-Yusuff, Communications Coordinator, Fiji Program Support Facility, (679) 7157586 or [email protected]